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Infidelity: A Love Story

Infidelity: A Love Story DVD front cover Infidelity: A Love Story DVD back cover

Release Date:   December 24, 2012

Studio:   Filly Films

PMID:   416

DVD Barcode:   851251004169

Categories:   Lesbian, All Girl, Romance, Cheaters, Feature

Cast:   Ela Darling, Daisy Layne, Dani Daniels, Amber Rayne, Pepper Kester, Nicky Halden, Lily Cade, Tilly Mcreese

Director:   Lily Cade

Synopsis:   They wanted a normal life in suburbia! Gina and Annie are a long term lesbian couple with a 2008 vintage marriage, a cute house, good jobs... and a sex life that is a thing of the past. Annie starts having an affair with her 19 year old assistant while acting even more distant at home. When Gina finds a red thong in Annie's clothes, she is both conflicted and intrigued. Things come to a head when Annie comes home to apologize but finds Gina dressed in her wedding lingerie demanding that she call her lover to come over. Annie thinks it's drama Gina wants, but it's not, it's a threesome.

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